longlongwaytogo (longlongwaytogo) wrote in nih_update,

NiH has Ads

Another bit of big news for NiH is... we have Project Wonderful ads now. And I *am* finding them wonderful! They're on NiH and also the NiH drunkduck webcomic- and once there are enough posts on this blog, they'll be here too.

Unlike the Google Adsense fiasco, this has nooo problem with people clicking the ads- in fact it's highly encouraged, both by me and the PW people. It's great fun surfing through the links!

I'm hoping the money from the ads will be enough to send out a prize every now and then. And if I'm really really lucky, enough that I can pay for the webhosting and domain and whatnot or maybe even have some sort of wage! So, I encourage you very much to click the links (even though it's not pay per click, they still are more likely to advertise with us if the links are clicked)
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