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Prose Challenge 2008

There's a lot to post here in the comm, but the more urgent bit of news about NiH right now is that the Prose Challenge voting is on.
What is the Prose Challenge? One of the very generous members of NiH has once again hosted a competition, which all NiHers were encouraged to enter. This year there were 10 entries submitted. A little down from last year but still reasonable! Here's hoping next time is better.
You'll be able to find the voting in the Drawing Room.

Each story had to incorporate

- an unusual phobia
- a profound sense of envy
- a violent temper
- a positive family relationship
- someone being misunderstood

(You might want to use these as prompts even if you weren't in the competition)

The prize is a tshirt, very generously donated.

I'd love it if as many people as possible went in and read the stories and voted. :)
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