longlongwaytogo (longlongwaytogo) wrote in nih_update,

Let's Begin

First, let me introduce you to Notebook In Hand.

NiH, as it is fondly known (pronounced either as En Eye Aitch or 'NiH' (rhymes with Knee)) is a forum that has been around for a little over three years now. It started off on a free forum, and after that site crashed, the Admin's friend gave her a domain name and hosting. She's still never been able to pay him back.

NiH is a forum with people from many different countries, and the thing that they have in common is- they're all creative. There are writers, artists, musicians, actors, crafters, and many other creative types, and we all attempt to help each other with our endeavours. We're always on the look out for new members.

This comm will provide information about NiH, and thoughts about it and adminning. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope that you join us!

If you're a member of NiH but you don't come on very often, adding this to your flist could help you keep in touch and get you to come in when something important is on.

I'll be cross posting everything here to the blog, which you'll find here. http://notebookinhand-news.blogspot.com/

I hope that lots of you join!
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